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Sketchy, At Best! Episode 0.50 - Gonna make it..!

February 15th, 2007


Well it looks like all we need at this point is a reliable camera - I'm not sure exactly what I'm looking for, sadly. A camcorder? A webcam? A camera from the future that takes pictures of the PAST? You can see the bind I'm in!

Luckily I have several advisors (read: teachers) that I can tap for their gooey information, so hopefully Sketchy, At Best! will be hitting the big time (read: Thursdays!) within a week or so! Enjoy the sketch I've got up as filler, hope to catch you guys on the pixelated screen next week!


Behold Penny Brisbane from my Steam Knight storyline. Clad in steam-powered battle armor, the halfling holds in her hand a Boomstick - a rough cannon on a stick. As the queen of the craylings, can se rise to the challenge of defending an entire kingdom?